Jug Band, the Next Generation

San Francisco Jug Band Festival, 2012

at The Plough & the Stars

  • September 22, 2012

  • 6 pm until...

  • $7.00

7 pm Amazing Dr. Zarcon's Breathing Machine - This long established ensemble is a larger group, anchored in the traditional repertoire, stylistically representative of the 1960s

8 pm The Goat Family - The Goats have described their music as "unstopperable." All conventions are out the window and anything not bolted down can become an instrument. If their music is art-jug, it is highly influenced by Jackson Pollock.

9 pm Ghost Town Gospel - A young band out of a West Oakland live-work scene, Ghost Town Gospel likes to mix up the lineup. They play danceable, punk-infused jams on traditional stringband instruments.

10 pm Bakersfield Dozen - A young band with street creds, they recently rocked the Sutter Creek Jug Band Festival with up tempo renditions of traditional jug-band tunes. The street-corner equivalent of the power trio, they have gutbucket bass and washboard, fronted by resonator guitar, great vocals, and occasional kazoo.

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